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Chusssh, chusssh, chusssh

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Chusssh, chusssh, chusssh

My wife, my neighbors, and I are all huddled in our little trailer terrified to look or go outside.

It may sound crazy but we all think we saw a police officer get abducted by something not of this world. 

Earlier tonight, around 7:00 p.m., the sun had just started getting low in the sky. A distant storm created a picturesque Appalachian sunset as the sunlight bounced off clouds spreading pinks, purples, and oranges throughout the sky. 

Our little trailer is one of a few that are nestled right on the edge of heavy woods. We and our neighbors are all really close and on many evenings, you can find us enjoying a cookout together or just sitting and chatting around a fire. 

For my wife and I, the Saturday evening was everything we always hope for. Beers and burgers on the grill were the opening act to a night of watching horror movies and cuddling on our little couch. Little did we know, we would soon be starring in our own little horror story. 

Suds and conversation quickly turned the evening to night as the trees were now silhouettes against a darkening sky. 

Time ticked on as we looked up at the starry night sky while Phil Collins hammered out his drum solo from In the Air Tonight. I attempted to impress my wife with my small knowledge of the constellations.They are the only part I remember from astronomy in college before it all became about math. 

“What’s that star,” she asked while pointing towards the eastern sky. 

Her directions had me looking at a low hanging bright light that hung right above the treeline. The light had a greenish hue to it, and it was definitely nothing we covered in astronomy class. I told her in my most confident mansplaining voice that it must be the planet Venus. She bought it with a “hmm.” 

 It was now well past ten and we retired to the trailer. We got one and a half movies into the Child’s Play series before our cuddling became kissing. We were working our clothes off before we heard a loud banging from the back door. A look at the clock showed it was midnight. Strange. 

I slowly opened the door to find our two elderly neighbors Janet and Pam standing close together with very concerned looks on their faces. This weekend it was just us four in our small trailer park. 

“I’m so sorry to bother you, Jimmy,” Janet said in her sweet voice. “But we are really scared. For the last hour, we have heard the strangest sound outside our bedroom window. It doesn’t really sound like an animal or anything. It almost sounds like a person making a weird noise with their mouth. We were hoping you would come check it out.”

I gave my wife a “What the hell” glance and agreed to go take a look. 

My wife and our neighbors stayed at our trailer as I made my way down to their place. The spaces between our lots are wide open but have high grass and foliage. 

Once I made it to Janet and Pam’s place, I decided I would sit on their back porch and listen for the noise. The sounds of frogs and crickets filled the night. As the creepiness of the situation slowly wore off, I began to doze off. Then I heard it. 

Chusssh. Chusssh. Chusssh.

It sounded like someone trying to imitate the sound of air rushing from a tube. Chusssh, Chusssh, Chusssh. I heard it three more times. It was close to the trailer on my right. The hairs on the back of my neck stood. Chusssh, Chusssh, Chusssh. It had gotten closer. I pulled my phone from my pocket and used the flash light to illuminate the area I had heard the sound from. 

Chusssh, Chusssh, Chusssh. 

Nothing was there, but the noise was sure as hell there. 

I gathered my composure and reassured myself there was an explanation. Taking a deep breath, I got up and made my way down the porch steps. Chusssh, Chusssh, Chusssh. At the bottom, I stood for a moment and gathered my courage. I started walking towards the noise as the light from my phone led the way. CHUSSSH, CHUSSSH, CHUSSH. I could tell I was getting close. I paused and looked as hard as I could to find the source. Then the tall grass rustled as if something was moving around. Something I still couldn’t see. The rustling moved away from me through the grass like the thing was running. I swear to you I could hear the footsteps and sounds of sticks and twigs breaking as it fled. 

The movement stopped about ten feet from me. Then. Chusssh, chusssh, chusssh. 

The noise was further away. 

I was flabbergasted. My brain couldn’t comprehend what was happening. I kept my light shone in the thing’s direction. Chusssh, Chusssh, Chusssh. Then suddenly, the movement in the grass rushed back towards me and when it got within two feet of me it cut towards the trailer. I heard banging up the side of the building, then from above me on the roof of Janet and Pam’s home, I heard it again. Chusssh, Chusssh, Chusssh.

That was enough for me. I sprinted back to our trailer. 

As I got closer to home, I looked out over the top of our trailer and the greenish star still hung in the eastern sky but now the star’s light pulsed. 

Once inside I was bombarded with a million questions, and I replied that I thought we needed to call law enforcement.

“Oh God, really?,” asked Janet. 

I then told them what happened. They were all mortified and in disbelief, but they could tell by the tears of fear in my eyes that I was telling them the truth. My wife called 911 who said they would have a deputy out shortly. 

We turned off anything in the trailer that was making noise so we could listen for the thing outside. It didn’t take long for the being to let its presence be known.

Chusssh, chusssh, chusssh. 

The sound came from the backside of the trailer. My wife grabbed my arm and buried her face into me. Hearing the noise for the first time made things real for her. 

We all sat on the couch huddled together as we all followed the thing’s movement by the sound it was making. Chusssh, chusssh, chusssh. It was outside the living room window. Chusssh, chusssh, chusssh. It moved around the front of the trailer. Footsteps up the back porch steps sounded out. It stood at our back door. 

Chusssh, chusssh, chusssh. 

We all stared at the door. Silence. Then the door began to shake violently as if it was trying to get inside. Janet and Pam screamed in horror. Mine and my wife’s embrace got tighter as we waited for the door to jerk free from its hinges. Then the shaking stopped. Lights shone through the kitchen window. The deputy pulled into our driveway.

The deputy seemed skeptical of our story but said he would do a search of the property. The girls remained on the couch as I stood on the back porch. I watched the deputy’s flashlight  move through the high grass as he slowly searched around. The light’s movement stopped on a spot. 

“Hey, who’s there,” the deputy yelled out. 

I could hear the deputy jog forward a bit as he gave chase, but to no avail. He then came back in my direction and informed me that he had heard it and saw its movements too, but he was also at a loss on what it was. He seemed shaken, but he also seemed pretty amused. As if we had discovered some harmless new species of animal. To be fair, the being didn’t seem as aggressive towards the deputy as it had been to me. I reiterated to the deputy the part about the thing charging at me and shaking our door, but he didn’t show much concern. He informed me he was going to get some of his fellow officers up here to witness the spectacle. 

As we waited, the deputy, who I learned was named Jake, sat with me while we listened to the thing move through the high grass breaking sticks and branches. Ever so often it would wander close to us and let out its noise. Chusssh, chusssh, chusssh. My wife and neighbors wouldn’t dare come outside, but I began to feel at ease. 

Our conversation veered towards the strange green light in the sky which still hung there pulsing. The deputy said that his office and other local branches had been receiving calls all evening about the light. He even mentioned that for the past few days the area seemed to have an uptick in missing person cases. He leaned in and told me the details of one case in particular. About 30 miles out from our trailer park in the neighboring county, the search for a missing elderly man turned up something unsettling. At the base of a large tree in the middle of the local national park, they found the missing person’s clothes and about thirty feet up in the tree, searchers recovered a human eyeball impaled on a branch. Nothing else was found. 

Chusssh, Chusssh, Chusssh. 

The sound, which was now closer to the edge of the forest, snapped us out of the conversation. The deputy shone his light in the direction of the noise. His flashlight revealed movement at the base of one of the trees. He looked at his watch and voiced aggravation about how long it was taking his buddies to show. He then told me he was going to go down and get a closer look. I let him know quickly that I thought it was a terrible idea, but he waved me off. 

I watched as he made his way down the hill towards the forest’s edge. My whole body felt tense. Chusssh, Chusssh, Chusssh. The noise sounded higher off the ground. 

The deputy was now at the base of one of the trees shining his light up through branches. High up, I could see some of the branches bouncing and swaying. The movement got lower and lower as if the thing was dropping down towards the deputy. 

“Woah, I think I can feel it touching me,” he called out. “Holy shit, it’s tugging on my shirt.”

Then all hell broke loose. The deputy let out a horrific, in-human scream as he shot upwards into the tree. His momentum was immense. I could hear snapping and breaking as his body banged upwards through the tree branches. At the top, the flashlight continued on up into the  night sky for what seemed like 100 feet, before falling back to the ground. 

Suddenly, all the lights in the neighborhood shined extremely bright like power was surging through the lines. Our radio snapped back on and the Foo Fighters rocked through their song The Sky is a Neighborhood. 

I busted back through our door and barricaded it shut. My wife called 911 frantically and let them know what had happened. 

That was hours ago. Law enforcement have been combing through the woods. Our trailer park is now a crime scene. I know they will never find the deputy or a suspect. 

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