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A_Hawaiian_Shirt….Jesse Pullins, (A.K.A)  A_Hawaiian_Shirt, is an author from the Midwest. He loves all representations of horror, including manga, film, and video games. Inspired by the traditional creepypasta stories, he enjoys writing intense, vivid scenarios for the reader to enjoy. He is also the author of the series Cheap Thrills.

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Welcome to the Hen House

Welcome to the Hen House The sign above the two dead walkers still attached to the end of a hangman’s ...
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Public Restroom

Public Restroom I had to go, like bad. The sensation hit me as I pulled in the Wal-Mart parking lot, ...
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Caught Peeking at the Gym Story Logo

Caught Peeking At The Gym

Caught Peeking At The Gym ….53 miles. I remember the number clearly, the orange digits that tracked the distance on ...
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Neon Nightmare

Neon Nightmare Palm trees passed in a blur as Rodger leaned back in his seat, cigarette held tight in his ...
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